Why should you travel to Japan?

>>>>, Japan>>Why should you travel to Japan?

Why should you travel to Japan?

Japan was the best place that I have ever traveled to in my whole life. I have an infinite amount of reasons why Japan is an amazing place for Americans to travel, but I will go into 8 main reasons here.

Reason #1 to Travel to Japan – It is easy to get around

It is very easy to travel in Japan. The public transportation is easy. It is easy to use Japan rail. The hardest part is to figure out where to line up on the platforms, but once you do that, it is fairly easy. Another thing that makes travelling around Japan easy is having a wifi pack. If you have a wifi pack or cell service in Japan, you can use Google maps. Google maps makes everything extremely easy. You might be saying “duh,” but in other countries it isn’t easy with google maps. This is because other countries don’t have sophisticated public transportation systems in almost every city. In Japan, the largest cities have amazing public transportation systems. Additionally, everything runs on time in Japan, so if google says the train is going to arrive at 5:15, the train will be there at 5:15.

Reason #2 to Travel to Japan – The language barrier doesn’t matter

In many countries, the language barrier is a huge problem. Especially when the writing is not anything close to English. This is a real struggle in countries like India and Egypt, but in Japan it is never a problem. Signs usually have some English. Even if they don’t, people are usually willing to help. Japan is trying to promote tourism, so many places have tourist information centers. For example, Shinjuku Tokyo has a huge information center for tourists, and I highly recommend using them.

Reason #3 to Travel to Japan – It is so quiet

As soon as you get on a train in Tokyo, everything is completely quiet. There are no bums sleeping on the subway cars. There are no kids doing flips and screaming for spare change. There are no bums patrolling the subway cars yelling at you for change. There is no one blasting music on their phones. Everyone knows their place.

Reason #4 to Travel to Japan – It is so clean in Japan

Everything is so clean in Japan. Japan is the cleanest place I’ve ever been. They are so clean that they don’t even have trash cans there.

I’ll tell one story about my Japanese trip to describe their level of precision and cleanliness. As I was leaving japan I was just sitting in their airport exhausted from buying souvenirs at the airport souvenir stores. As I was sitting relaxing, an attendant comes around to the little plants that are growing in the airport. He inspected every single plant. If there was a stray leaf or a dead portion of the plant, he just plucked it off and put it in his little pouch. He also inspected the area around the plants and cleaned up any mess or dust. He did not miss anything in his review of the plants. That was astonishing to me, and I loved it. I also love hard work and commitment to a single task. You see this throughout their culture, and it is just mind blowing.

Reason #5 to Travel to Japan – There is so much culture

Japan is so different than any other country I’ve been to. Every country has its monuments right. In India it’s the Taj Mahal, Egypt has the pyramids, France has the Eiffel tower. The problem is what do you do when you get there. You usually just buy souvenirs or you have to pay an admission fee.

That’s what’s so crazy good about japan. There is tons of free stuff to do and it is all fun. I was only in Japan for 10 days, but while I was there I saw:

  • A Japanese rock band
  • An American Idol music contest for elderly Japanese people
  • The Eissa Festival
  • Inari Shrine light festival

Everywhere you go in japan there is culture. I’ve been all over the world. To places like Egypt, India, and Italy. I’ve never seen so much culture all the time. There is music everywhere. There is art everywhere. Japan is awesome!!!

Reason #6 to Travel to Japan – The people are nice

Another reason you should go to Japan is because the people are all very nice. No one tries to hustle you. Even at the major tourist attractions, you still don’t have people approaching you trying to upsell you on additional services. This means that you can sightsee in peace. You can also take pictures in peace. People won’t be rushing you to take your pictures or charging you extra for taking a picture you shouldn’t have taken. You also aren’t rushed out of places. For example, you can sit as long as you want in a restaurant. Nobody ever rushes you to get out of restaurant. You pay whenever you are ready. I felt like the people in Japan were so nice. Their sense of pride is unparalleled across the globe. I personally appreciated it.

Reason #7 to Travel to Japan – It’s cheap because you don’t have to tip

If you are from American traveling to Japan, then Japan is insanely cheap. This is because it is not customary to provide anyone with a tip. This means that you can slice off 15% off of your total food bill for the whole trip. You can eat in a restaurant without tipping. This means you can eat something other than just street food to avoid tipping. I personally found it a relief to not have to tip, and I don’t mean just from a minimalist lifestyle viewpoint. I mean that it felt amazing not analyzing your waiter’s performance to figure out whether you were going to tip 10-20%. You could just sit there and enjoy your Japanese food. Doesn’t that sound great?

Reason #8 to Travel to Japan –  There so many different styles of food

Another great thing about Japan is that there is a huge variety of food and you can eat for cheap. Japan has the most Michelin star restaurants in the world, so you think it would be insanely expensive right. Well it definitely can be, but you don’t have to make it that way. You can try all different kind of foods for extremely cheap prices. There are wide varieties ranging from sushi, sashimi, noodles, tempura, mochi, ramen and barbecue. There is such a variety of food in Japan it is truly astonishing. You can eat very cheaply too. You can eat at 7-eleven the whole time you are in Japan if you want. 7-eleven has a huge selection of food as well, and the prices are very good if you are traveling on a budget. You can get sandwiches for cheap if you want. Additionally, there are some ramen places and other noodle restaurants where you can order you food on a vending machine for under $10. It is very good ramen too. There are also sushi restaurants that have high quality sushi that goes around on a conveyor plate and you pay by the plate. You can literally eat a few plates and be satisfied and eat for under $10 as well.

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