Minimalist Travel Packing List Template – Checklist

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Minimalist Travel Packing List Template – Checklist

Minimalist Travel Packing List Template For Carry On Luggage

Minimalist Friendly

Whether you’re traveling around the world, backpacking Europe or Southeast Asia or traveling slow internationally, the bare minimum is to have a good travel bag and sturdy footwear (comfortable shoes are a must). Fortunately, this Minimalist Packing List is not that bare minimum type of list. We want our travels to be comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. Definitely don’t want to feel deprived in any way. The Minimalist Travel Packing List is an Ultralight checklist for all types of RTW or Long-Term Travel that will hopefully help you as a guide to determine what is needed vs nice without missing a beat. Backpacking packing list. Carry On and Minimalist Friendly!

Also Have Printable Minimalist Travel Packing List Template and Checklist PDF

Travel Backpack and Gear: Backpackers Guide

It’s comfortable, reliable and once you switch over to the backpack, you’ll ditch your roller bag and carry on luggage for good.

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Minimalist Travel Packing List

  • Packing Gear

    3pc Packing Cubes – Buy Here
    Cross-body Day-Pack – Buy Here
    or Travel Day-Pack Backpack – Osprey Daylite
    Travel-Size Laundry Bag plastic bags work
    Padlock for Hostels any
    TSA approved luggage lock – I like double-sided – Buy Here
    Backpack Mesh Lock Protector – Buy Here
    Money Belt with RF Blocking – Buy Here
    LED Head Light small flashlight works
    The SteriPen Traveler (optional) – Buy Here

  • Electronics

    Camera & memory card
    Unlock phone – can buy prepaid there
    Universal Travel Adapter – Buy Here
    Power Strip – Get one with cord – Buy Here
    Portable battery charger – Love this one – Buy Here
    Kindle – great battery for long bus rides – Buy Here
    Laptop & external drive – Buy Here

  • Misc Items

    Copy of Travel Docs (Passport & Visas)
    1 Large Scarf
    Walking Shoes
    Flip flops – to wear in hostel’s shower
    Quick Dry Travel Towel – This one is the best – Buy Here
    Wet Wipes trust me
    Nail clippers – hard to find in places
    Bar Soap + Bar Shampoo + Container – Buy Here
    Duct Tape & Sharpie
    Safety Pins
    Waterproof bag – Ziploc works

Minimalist Packing Tips: 
If you can buy there reasonably, leave it
Pack comfy clothes only
Stuff you wear around the house

  • Clothes for Him

    5 T-Shirts
    2 Polo Shirts – to wear going out
    1 Long-Sleeved Cotton Shirt
    2 Pairs of Shorts
    2 Pairs of Light Weight Pants – Trekking Trousers
    1 Swim trunk
    7 Underwear
    4 Socks – Merino wool is lasting – Buy Here
    1 Long-sleeved thermal shirt and pants
    1 Zip-Up Fleece – good for layering – Buy Here

  • Clothes for Her

    4 T-Shirts
    1 Nice Top – to wear going out
    1 Long-Sleeved Cotton Shirt
    2 Day Dresses
    2 Pairs of Shorts
    2 Pairs of Light Weight Pants – Trekking Trousers
    1 Pair of Leggings
    1 Swimsuit
    1 Sports Bra
    3 Reg Bras
    7 Underwear
    4 Socks Merino wool is amazing – Buy Here
    1 Long-sleeved thermal shirt and pants
    1 Zip-Up Fleece good for layering – Buy Here
    1 Black Cardigan goes with everything
    Diva Cups for our monthly – Buy Here

  • Items to Leave at Home

    Toiletries – Tell me a place where you can’t buy a toothbrush and soap
    Jeans – Too much room and too long to dry
    Rain Coat – If its pouring stay inside
    Umbrella – You can buy there if needed
    Mosquito Net – Places that need it will provide it in the hostels
    Laundry Line – Most end up not using it
    Sleeping Bag Liner – check the bed before use

Backpacking Packing List

Looking over the packing list above may seem like a lot; and you’re probably wondering ‘how in the world do I pack all that in?’ Easy! Your travel backpack is one of the most important travel necessity that will make your travel fun and comfortable. I swear by my Osprey Farpoint 40. It’s comfortable, easy to pack, easy to carry on trains, planes and bus, and has the capacity to hold a lot – my husband and I use one backpack for shorter 1-2 week trips. There’s also a method behind packing that not only helps with organizing but also helps maximize space – check out packing tips here.

Stop Expanding

The the times comes when you decide to plan a trip; excitement sets in and anticipation takes over. You begin to think of everything you need to buy for your trip, from new swimsuits, travel bags, books to evening wear. I have been guilty of it myself. I went out shopping for summer shorts, sunglasses and various other “travel essentials” and accessories in the past. But in order to travel light, you have to stop expanding. Stop shopping for new travel outfits, the latest electronics, or that new travel hat. This Minimalist Travel Packing List will help.

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When the excitement starts to suck you back in, take a step back and ask yourself – Do I really need to a buy a SPF shirt? Or will any shirts in my closet due? Ultimately, I don’t need the new high-end trekking pants and instead, can create an ultralight packing list that won’t break the bank but good for long trips like traveling around the world.

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