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Egypt Q&A – Transportation, Attractions and More

Egypt Train Timetable – Egypt Train Schedules 2018-04-10T18:01:46+00:00

For full Egypt Train Information, see

The Ultimate Egypt Transportation Guide: Trains, Buses and even Uber – HERE

Egypt Sleeper Train Schedule – Pop-up Here

Full EGYPT Train Timetable
From – ToTrain No.Train TypeDepart TimeArrival TimeAC1 PriceAC2 Price
Alexandria to Aswan88Speed Exp5:00 PM10:10 AM18295.68
Alexandria to Aswan2008Special Exp8:00 PM11:10 AM322.4192.4
Alexandria to Cairo902Speed Exp6:00 AM9:15 AM53.0431.2
Alexandria to Cairo906Special Exp7:00 AM9:40 AM10472.8
Alexandria to Cairo904Special Exp8:00 AM10:40 AM10472.8
Alexandria to Cairo900Speed Exp8:15 AM11:15 AM53.0431.2
Alexandria to Cairo910OUT OFSERVICE
Alexandria to Cairo912Speed Exp11:30 AM2:40 PM53.0431.2
Alexandria to Cairo914Speed Exp1:00 PM4:20 PM53.0431.2
Alexandria to Cairo916Special Exp2:00 PM4:30 PM10472.8
Alexandria to Cairo918Special Exp3:00 PM5:40 PM72.846.8
Alexandria to Cairo922Speed Exp3:30 PM6:45 PM53.0431.2
Alexandria to Cairo88Speed Exp5:00 PM7:35 PM72.846.8
Alexandria to Cairo928Speed Exp6:00 PM8:45 PM72.846.8
Alexandria to Cairo926Special Exp7:00 PM9:25 PM10472.8
Alexandria to Cairo2008Special Exp8:00 PM10:30 PM10472.8
Alexandria to Cairo930Speed Exp8:10 PM11:15 PM53.0431.2
Alexandria to Cairo1908OUT OFSERVICE
Alexandria to Cairo934Speed Exp10:00 PM12:30 AM72.846.8
Alexandria to Luxor88Speed Exp5:00 PM6:35 AM158.0884.24
Alexandria to Aswan2008Special Exp8:00 PM8:00 AM280.8171.6
Alexandria to Aswan934Special Exp10:00 PM10:35 AM280.8171.6
Aswan to Alexandria89Speed Exp8:30 PM1:35 PM18295.68
Aswan to Cairo981Special Exp5:30 AM7:35 PM244.4140.4
Aswan to Cairo983Speed Exp7:30 AM9:30 PM137.2869.68
Aswan to Cairo2013OUT OFSERVICE
Aswan to Cairo2007Special Exp3:00 PM4:00 AM244.4140.4
Aswan to Cairo2015Special Exp4:00 PM4:20 AM244.40140.40
Aswan to Cairo1903Speed Exp4:45 PM5:20 AM137.2869.68
Aswan to Cairo2009Special Exp6:00 PM6:20 AM244.40140.40
Aswan to Cairo85Sleeper8:00 PM9:00 AMSingle $110Double $80
Aswan to Cairo997Speed Exp8:15 PM9:15 AM137.2869.68
Aswan to Cairo89Speed Exp8:30 PM10:25 AM137.2869.68
Aswan to Cairo989Speed Exp10:00 PM10:40 AM137.2869.68
Aswan to Luxor981Special Exp5:30 AM8:55 AM93.662.4
Aswan to Luxor983Speed Exp7:30 AM10:40 AM53.0431.2
Aswan to Luxor2013OUT OFSERVICE
Aswan to Luxor2007Special Exp3:00 PM6:05 PM93.662.4
Aswan to Luxor2015Special Exp4:00 PM7:00 PM93.662.4
Aswan to Luxor1903Speed Exp4:45 PM7:45 PM53.0431.2
Aswan to Luxor2009Special Exp6:00 PM8:55 PM93.662.4
Aswan to Luxor997Speed Exp8:15 PM11:20 PM53.0431.2
Aswan to Luxor89Speed Exp8:30 PM11:50 PM53.0431.2
Aswan to Luxor989Speed Exp10:00 PM1:05 AM53.0431.2
Cairo to Alexandria903Speed Exp6:00 AM9:20 AM53.0431.2
Cairo to Alexandria905Special Exp8:00 AM10:30 AM10472.8
Cairo to Alexandria901Speed Exp8:10 AM11:10 AM53.0431.2
Cairo to Alexandria909Special Exp9:00 AM11:45 AM72.846.8
Cairo to Alexandria911Speed Exp10:00 AM12:50 PM53.0431.2
Cairo to Alexandria89Speed Exp11:00 AM1:40 PM72.846.8
Cairo to Alexandria913Speed Exp12:30 PM3:15 PM53.0431.2
Cairo to Alexandria907OUT OFSERVICE
Cairo to Alexandria917Special Exp2:00 PM4:25 PM10472.8
Cairo to Alexandria919Speed Exp2:20 PM5:55 PM53.0431.2
Cairo to Alexandria2001Special Exp3:00 PM5:25 PM10472.8
Cairo to Alexandria915Speed Exp3:10 PM6:10 PM53.0431.2
Cairo to Alexandria923Speed Exp4:00 PM7:25 PM53.0431.2
Cairo to Alexandria925Speed Exp5:10 PM8:25 PM53.0431.2
Cairo to Alexandria921Special Exp6:00 PM8:35 PM72.846.8
Cairo to Alexandria927Special Exp7:00 PM9:25 PM10472.8
Cairo to Alexandria931Speed Exp8:15 PM11:30 PM53.0431.2
Cairo to Alexandria935Special Exp10:30 PM1:05 AM10472.8
Cairo to Aswan1902Speed Exp12:15 AM12:45 PM137.2869.68
Cairo to Aswan980Special Exp8:00 AM10:00 PM244.4140.4
Cairo to Aswan2012OUT OFSERVICE
Cairo to Aswan982Speed Exp12:00 PM1:50 AM137.2869.68
Cairo to Aswan2006Special Exp5:30 PM5:45 AM244.4140.4
Cairo to Aswan988Speed Exp7:00 PM7:30 AM137.2869.68
Cairo to Aswan86Sleeper7:45 PM8:50 AMSingle $110Double $80
Cairo to Aswan88Speed Exp8:00 PM10:10 AM137.2869.68
Cairo to Aswan2014Special Exp9:00 PM9:20 AM244.4140.4
Cairo to Aswan996Speed Exp10:00 PM10:40 AM137.2869.68
Cairo to Aswan2008Special Exp11:00 PM11:10 AM244.4140.4
Cairo to Luxor1902Speed Exp12:15 AM9:35 AM113.3659.28
Cairo to Luxor934Speed Exp1:00 AM10:35 AM113.3659.28
Cairo to Luxor980Special Exp8:00 AM6:15 PM202.80119.60
Cairo to Luxor2012OUT OF SERVICE
Cairo to Luxor982Speed Exp12:00 PM10:25 PM113.3659.28
Cairo to Luxor2006Special Exp5:30 PM2:35 AM202.80119.60
Cairo to Luxor988Speed Exp7:00 PM4:15 AM113.3659.28
Cairo to Luxor86Sleeper7:45 PM5:45 AMSingle $110Double $80
Cairo to Luxor88Speed Exp8:00 PM6:35 AM113.3659.28
Cairo to Luxor2014Special Exp9:00 PM6:10 AM202.80119.60
Cairo to Luxor976Special Exp9:15 PM7:00 AM202.80119.60
Cairo to Luxor996Speed Exp10:00 PM7:25 AM113.3659.28
Cairo to Luxor2008Special Exp11:00 PM8:00 AM202.80119.60
Luxor to Alexandria935Special Exp12:30 PM1:05 PM280.80171.60
Luxor to Alexandria89Speed Exp11:59 PM1:35 PM158.0884.24
Luxor to Aswan2006Special Exp2:50 AM5:45 AM93.662.4
Luxor to Aswan988Speed Exp4:30 PM7:30 AM53.0431.2
Luxor to Aswan2014Special Exp6:20 AM9:20 AM93.662.4
Luxor to Aswan88Speed Exp6:45 AM10:10 AM53.0431.2
Luxor to Aswan996Speed Exp7:35 AM10:40 AM53.0431.2
Luxor to Aswan2008Special Exp8:15 AM11:10 AM93.06td>62.4
Luxor to Aswan1902Speed Exp9:45 AM12:45 PM53.0431.2
Luxor to Aswan980Special Exp6:35 PM10:00 PM93.0662.4
Luxor to Aswan982Speed Exp10:35 PM1:50 AM53.0431.2
Luxor to Cairo989Speed Exp1:15 AM10:40 AM113.3659.28
Luxor to Cairo981Special Exp9:10 AM7:35 PM202.80119.60
Luxor to Cairo983Speed Exp10:55 AM9:30 PM113.3659.28
Luxor to Cairo935Special Exp12:30 PM10:05 PM202.80119.60
Luxor to Cairo2013Special Exp1:20 PM11:05 PM202.80119.60
Luxor to Cairo2007Special Exp6:20 PM4:00 AM202.80119.60
Luxor to Cairo977Speed Exp7:00 PM4:55 AM113.3659.28
Luxor to Cairo1903Speed Exp7:45 PM5:45 AM113.3659.28
Luxor to Cairo2015Special Exp7:10 PM4:20 AM202.80119.60
Luxor to Cairo977Special Exp7:20 PM4:45 AM202.80119.60
Luxor to Cairo1903Speed Exp8:00 PM5:20 AM113.3659.28
Luxor to Cairo87Sleeper8:10 PM5:50 AMSingle $110Double $80
Luxor to Cairo2009Special Exp9:10 PM6:20 AM202.80119.60
Luxor to Cairo85Sleeper10:55 PM9:00 AMSingle $110Double $80
Luxor to Cairo997Speed Exp11:35 PM9:15 AM113.3659.28
Luxor to Cairo89Speed Exp11:59 PM10:25 AM113.3659.28
How Much a Trip to Egypt Cost (Egypt Travel Budget and Prices) 2017-06-13T15:26:18+00:00

How much do you think a trip to Egypt cost? Read our full Egypt Itinerary and Travel Budget detailsHERE

How Much a Trip to Egypt Cost (Egypt Travel Budget and Prices)

How Much a Trip to Egypt Cost

Cheap Egypt Holidays! Travel to Egypt for under $50 a day! Is that what you thought it would cost to go to Egypt? Our three week trip to Egypt (actually 19 days) came out to just $36 USD per day, per person! This included all expenses, domestic flights, all cash paid for tips, food and transportation. Our Egypt vacation included all the top sites and attractions, plus a 3 day Desert Safari and a 6 day all-inclusive Red Sea Holiday.

Read our full Egypt Itinerary and Travel Budget details – Here

The only expense removed from the above chart was the cost of scuba diving for 5-days since most people do not dive or find this information useful. But for the divers out there, we paid $695 for 5-days of diving for two people (that’s $348 per person). That increases our per day per person rate to $55 per day. So even with a big $695 expense, we still came in around the $50 mark. Happy Holidays!

Is there Uber in Egypt? 2017-06-11T21:17:22+00:00

Yes, Uber is in Egypt. They are currently only servicing the Cairo and Alexandria areas but quickly expanding.

Read: Uber In Egypt for fare and other information – Here
See Also: Can I Take Uber to Giza Pyramids?
How To Get To Abu Simbel by Air, Bus and Cruise (Cairo, Luxor, Aswan) 2018-04-09T21:40:42+00:00

There are several ways to reach the Abu Simbel temples, and despite the lack of information on the internet, traveling to Abu Simbel is relatively easy. You can take a bus from Aswan to Abu Simbel. You can take a Nile Cruise from Aswan to Abu Simbel (this is different from the Nile Cruise between Aswan and Luxor). From Cairo, you can take the Cairo to Aswan Train then transfer to a bus to Abu Simbel. Same for Luxor to Abu Simbel. Here are the different ways to get to Abu Simbel temples.

You can also read how we traveled to Abu Simbel by reading our trip report Aswan to Abu Simbel: How to Reach the Abu Simbel TemplesHere

1. How to Travel to Abu Simbel By Air

EgyptAir offers flights from Aswan to Abu Simbel as well as from Cairo to Abu Simbel (with a stop/layover in Aswan). To reach Abu Simbel from any other city by plane, you will have to fly into Cairo and make a connection.

  • Flight from Aswan will cost approx $50 each way
  • Flight from Cairo to Aswan will cost approx $89-$100 one way

From Abu Simbel Airport

From the Abu Simbel Airport, EgyptAir provides a free shuttle bus that will take its passengers to the Abu Simbel Temple Complex. The shuttle, and round-trip flight times, are set to allow visitors approximately 2 hours at the Temple Complex.

After you’re done visiting Abu Simbel, head back to the shuttle (parking lot they dropped you off) and return to the airport to fly to Aswan.

2. Cairo to Abu Simbel By Train

There are no direct trains to Abu Simbel. The closest train station would be Aswan Train Station, in which you will have to continue your travel by car, taxi or bus. You can read how we did it in our Aswan to Abu Simbel Trip Report – Here.

See Egypt Train Transportation Information HERE to see how to travel from Cairo to Aswan by train or from Luxor to Aswan by train.

See Egypt Transportation Page – HERE
As well as Egypt Transportation Q&A – HERE

3. Abu Simbel by Boat and Cruise

Lake Naseer Nile Cruise from Aswan to Abu Simbel. Full round trip (Aswan to Abu Simbel toAswan) itinerary will take 4 to 5 days to complete. The Lake Naseer Nile Cruise is different from the Luxor-Aswan Nile Cruise (information –HERE)

  • Many cruises have canceled and stopped the Lake Naseer Nile Cruise to Aswan due to low tourism.
  • As of 2017, only two ships continue the Lake Naseer Cruise from Aswan – the Movenpick Prince Abbas and the Steigenberger Omar El Khayam.

4. Travel Between Aswan and Abu Simbel by Bus

Most cost effective and stress-free way to travel to Abu Simbel is by taking a tour bus from Aswan to Abu Simbel. You have two options for booking the Abu Simbel Tour, the first from a travel agency and the second through a Budget/Mid-Range Hotel*. I found that booking through a hotel is a bit cheaper then going through a travel agent. You can read how we did it in our Aswan to Abu Simbel Trip Report – Here.

  • Budget/Mid-Range Hotels include Memnon Hotel, Nuba Nile Hotel, El Salam Hotel and others

Abu Simbel Convo

All of the budget/mid-range hotels in Aswan work together to generate enough interest in the Abu Simbel Tour. When they have enough people among the different hotels (at least 6+ people for a small mini-bus), the driver and bus is ordered to pick-up and drop-off guest from the Aswan hotel to the site.

  • 150 EGP ($8.25) per person – Abu Simbel Tour by Bus (paid to hotel)
  • 115 EGP ($6.33) per person – Abu Simbel Entrance Fee (paid at site)

Abu Simbel Bus Times

Buses usually depart at 5am from Aswan and arrive Abu Simbel by 7:30am. You are allowed 2 hours to visit the complex site then return to the bus around 9:30am. The bus will drop you off at your hotel around 1pm.

Travel from Cairo to Abu Simbel

  1. Fly from Cairo to Abu Simbel on EgyptAir
  2. Fly from Cairo to Aswan then Tour Bus to Abu Simbel
  3. Train from Cairo to Aswan (HERE) then Tour Bus to Abu Simbel

Travel from Luxor to Abu Simbel

  1. Tour Guide from Luxor to Abu Simbel (usually a day-trip returning to Luxor)
  2. Train from Luxor to Aswan (HERE) then Tour Bus to Abu Simbel
  3. Flying from Luxor to Abu Simbel is not recommended since you will have to have two connections in Cairo and Aswan (No direct flights from Luxor)

Travel from Aswan to Abu Simbel

  1. Tour Bus from Aswan to Abu Simbel (as explained above)
  2. Lake Naseer Nile Cruise from Aswan to Abu Simbel (as explained above)
  3. Hire a taxi from Aswan to Abu Simbel
  4. Fly from Aswan to Abu Simbel

See Egypt Transportation Page – HERE
As well as Egypt Transportation Q&A – HERE

Can I Take Uber to Giza Pyramids? 2017-06-11T21:12:32+00:00

Yes you can take Uber from anywhere in Cairo to the Pyramids in Egypt. You can also take Uber to other attractions around Cairo as well.

See Also: Uber In Egypt for fare and other information – Here
Related: Egypt AttractionsHere
Tips for Hired Car Service in Egypt 2017-06-11T21:12:56+00:00

Make sure to tell the driver some landmarks or popular sites in the area you’re going to. GPS and cell service is not reliably 100% of the times, so will turn on and off. Even with Uber, the driver’s GPS system will turn off from time to time, so its a good idea to know the general area you’re heading to for the few minutes when systems are down.

See Also: Should I Hire A Taxi For The Entire Day? Or Just Use In-Between Locations?

Should I Hire A Taxi For The Entire Day? Or Just Use In-Between Locations? 2017-06-11T21:13:13+00:00

Either way will work fine. If you decide to hire a driver for the entire day, make sure to come to an agreement with the terms before entering the car. Here’s a few general guidelines that will help

  • List of sites/areas you want to visit
  • How many hours you want to hire the car for?
  • Will the driver act as a tour guide for the sites?
  • If not, will the driver wait for you outside while you’re exploring the attraction or will the driver leave, continue picking up other riders, and return at a set time for pick-up?
  • How much will the total cost be? Not by hour, Not by person but TOTAL

See Also: Can I Take Uber to Giza Pyramids?

Which is better – Sharm el Sheikh vs Hurghada vs Marsa Alam? 2017-06-11T23:00:54+00:00

Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam are all Red Sea Resort towns that features nice hotels, nice beaches and luxury all-inclusive resorts for the choosing. You can’t really go wrong with either of these seaside towns. Depending on what type of vacation you’re going for, one town maybe more or less suited for what you’re looking for. Here’s a quick run down on the differences between Sharm el-Sheikh vs Hurghada vs Marsa Alam.

For Full Pros and Cons article – See Pros and Cons of Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurghada or Marsa AlamHere

Sharm el-Sheikh vs Hurghada vs Marsa Alam

So what type of holiday/vacation are you going for?

If you enjoy good nightlife, bars and fine dining, then Naama Bay in Sharm el-Sheikh is very modern with some good night clubs and a large shopping mall. Sharm is a purely tourist-driven town so is very commercialized with brand names and international restaurants at every corner. This makes Sharm a bit more expensive but also a lot more energetic. Beaches are rocky and diving/snorkeling pretty good.

Hurghada, on the other hand, has built up around an existing fishing village so keeps more of an authentic Egyptian feel in the towns. There are several distinct villages that makes up the Hurghada Rivera, all featuring nice resorts and beautiful stretches of sandy beaches. Nightlife is not as lively as Sharm, nor are the coral reefs as vibrant, but the better beaches and close proximity to sightseeing makes up for it. Overall, Hurghada is better if you plan on including sightseeing in your trip, as its in-between and easier to get to and from Cairo and Luxor (vs Sharm you would have to fly into Luxor).

Marsa Alam, known for the best diving in Egypt, is the least developed of the three and the most difficult to get to (outside of just flying in). Hurghada offers many different buses from Cairo or Luxor and even has a ferry from Sharm. Marsa Alam unfortunately does not have many easy ways to visit outside of the new airport. So if you’re planning to going to Luxor or Cairo from here, you may want to first check flight prices. Transportation doesn’t get any easier once you arrive in Marsa Alam either – not that you’ll have many places to go in the area. All the resorts are surrounded by barren deserts, leaving no real attractions in the area besides diving and snorkeling. If you’re looking for a diving holiday or to go to a remote secluded area, than Marsa Alam is your place.

For Full Pros and Cons article – See Pros and Cons of Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurghada or Marsa AlamHere

Where is the White Desert? 2017-05-15T14:40:53+00:00

The White Desert is located in between Bahariya Oases and Farafra Oases. It is best reached from Bahariya, stopping at the Black Desert, Crystal Mountain and El Agabat en route.

Bahariya oasis is 227 miles (365 km) South-west of Cairo and is easily reached by a 4-hour car drive (5 hour bus ride). The Bahariya Oasis is surrounded by black hills and is best known for the Bedouin village and it’s medicinal and restorative thermal hot springs. The Black Desert is a half an hour drive south from Bahariyya with the White Desert being another 90 minutes south from the Black desert.

When is the Best Time To Go To The White Desert? 2017-06-11T21:06:55+00:00

The best time to go on a Egyptian Western Desert Safari is from November to February. This is Egypt’s winter months and much more comfortable than being in the middle of the desert during summer. Winter in Egypt can get surprisingly chilly, especially at night, so bring warm clothes.

Winter average temperatures in the desert ranges from 72° F (22.3 ° C) during daylight hours, to 42° F (6° C) after sunset.

How to get there by Bus? To Bahariya Oasis (White Desert Safari) 2017-06-11T21:07:22+00:00

Bahariya oasis is 227 miles (365 KM.) South west of Cairo. Bahariya can easily be reached by shuttle buses, private car/bus or by an uber/taxi

There are two types of buses that go from Cairo to Bahariya and back. You can find both types of buses from Cairo Gateway (aka Torguman) bus station in Cairo.

Regular Bus – Cairo to Bahariya
Buses start 7am from Cairo Gateway (aka Torguman) Bus Station (see bus timetable HERE)
Cost: 35 L.E. one-way
# of Seats: 50 seats
Journey: The Cairo-Bahariya trip will take about 5 hours by bus. Air conditioning may or may not work.

Private air conditioned Bus
Cost: About 300-400 L.E. for a private mini-bus one-way
# of Seats: 14 seats
Journey: The Cairo-Bahariya trip will take about 4 hours by mini-bus

See Also :

Where is Cairo Gateway (Torgoman) Bus Terminal?

Bus Timetable Schedule to/from Bahariya –  Here

Items to Stock up and Take with you 2017-06-11T20:55:42+00:00

Stock up on water, moist wipes/towelettes and hand sanitizer before heading out to the White Desert.
You can buy these items from Bahariya Oasis, the starting point, if you forget to grab in Cairo.

Read full article : White Desert Safari in Egypt (Super Affordable)

Where is Cairo Gateway (El-Torgoman) Bus Terminal? 2017-06-11T21:16:23+00:00

Cairo Gateway (El-Torgoman)
1 El-Adaweya, Boulaq Num.3,
Boulaq, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Tel: +20 2 25742758
(002) 02 25742758, (002) 02 29242663
(002) 02 27735668, (002) 02 27735669

Cairo Gateway is a newer complex built on the site of the El Torgoman bus station. It is located a little over a mile (2.2km) north of Tahrir Square and has buses to many destinations throughout Egypt, including to all Red Sea resorts.

Bathroom Breaks en route to Bahariya Oasis 2017-06-11T20:56:32+00:00

Use the toilet before leaving Cairo and again before leaving Bahariya Oasis. You have a long journey ahead of you.

Bathroom Breaks During Safari 2017-06-11T20:57:05+00:00

Be prepared to free yourself in the wild – there are no toilets AT ALL in the White Desert (hence the moist wipes/towelettes and hand sanitizer).

Read full article : White Desert Safari in Egypt (Super Affordable)

Be Prepared for the Cold 2017-06-11T21:07:59+00:00

Prepare for the cold if you’re visiting during the winter season.
Bring a beanie and/or gloves just in case

Bus Timetable – Cairo to Bahariya 2017-06-11T21:10:48+00:00

Bus Schedule: Cairo to Bahariya Oasis

Price per person per way: 35 EGP

Departure TimeArrival TimeStation
7:00am12:00pmCairo Gateway (aka Torguman)
8:00am1:00pmCairo Gateway

Bus Schedule: Bahariya Oasis to Cairo

Price per person per way: 35 EGP

Departure TimeArrival TimeStation

*Times and schedules are subject to change so please confirm locally

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