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EgyptAir Review of Service, Online Booking and Flights

EgyptAir ReviewEgyptAir offers non-stop, direct flights from NYC to Cairo International Airport. We actually took a direct fight from Rome, Italy to Cairo, Egypt with EgyptAir. EgyptAir is the national airline of Egypt and services all Egypt airports; including Abu Simbel which is quite difficult to get to. My experience with EgyptAir wasn’t really the best of experiences, but not completely bad. They have delayed every flight I have been on, flights I wasn’t on but would see while waiting for my flight, as well as several other flights people have reviewed and vented about online. From my experience, EgyptAir is always delayed and service is always very slow. But on the plus side, EgyptAir offers flights from Cairo to Aswan to Abu Simbel, which saves time, headaches and sometimes, saves money. Here’s my EgyptAir Review from booking to disembarking. Online Booking

Booking was simple online. Only 3 complaints.
1) All flights go through Cairo. No matter how close the destinations are to each other, there are no direct flights. All flights go through Cairo.
2) Flight times are not good for connections. Most flight times require a day layover in Cairo. This sucks big time. Why would you want to stay one night in Cairo for a connection. But I guess they do that because they’re always running late so you’ll most likely miss your connection anyways.
3) Sometimes prices are cheaper when you book for only one person at a time. This was a pain in booking. I fund out that if you look for flights for two people, the per person price was different than if you looked for a flight for only one person. Not always, but 2 out of the 3 flights we booked, this was the case. So instead of making one reservation for two people, I had to make two separate reservations for the two of us (times two different reservations).

Flight from Rome to Cairo on Egyptair

The flight was late, as expected per other’s reviews online. We boarded 30 minutes after our scheduled departure time (this was actually better than our other flights with EgyptAir). As soon as the last person was on board, they shut the door and pulled away from the gate immediately. No announcement, no seat belt check, nothing. Everyone wasn’t even to their seats. People were still in the aisle finding their row and putting bags in the overhead compartment and the plane was already moving/taxing towards the runway. Crazy!
People definitely had BO. I sat next to a nice guy who spoke English so he helped me learn some simple Arabic phrases.

EgyptAir Flight Meal

The flight came with a meal that was pretty tasty. Main course was rice, lamb and veggies. Sides were bread, caprese salad, tiramisu and water. There was a choice of fish instead of the lamb. All food and meals served on EgyptAir is halal and alcohol is not served.

EgyptAir Meal

EgyptAir Business Class

On one of our shorter, connecting flights, we were upgraded to business class. The seats in economy are not bad, but the seats in business class are much bigger, plusher and way more comfortable. The seats are arranged in a 2-2 layout and recline to a comfortable laying position. The seats do not go completely flat as they do on their long flights, but they recline enough for a good nap. After experiencing business class, we tried upgrading for our longer flight with no success. But if I have the option in the future for 10+ hour flight, I will definitely consider the benefits of business class.

EgyptAir International Flights Out of Egypt

If you thought the delays were bad for domestic flights in-between Egyptian cities were bad, International flights are so much worst. Not only are the flights, themselves, delayed, but after they announce boarding, there’s another 90+ minute delay going through their on-boarding process.

EgyptAir’s International on-boarding process is completely inefficient, slow and again, inefficient. After security, where they check your bags and passports, EgyptAir then checks passports 4 additional times as you go through the gate to the plane. This causes long lines to get through passport check, just to get to another long line for another passport check. Then another line for, yes, passport check again, but this time, a second baggage check as well.

Didn’t our bags already go through the x-ray machine? Didn’t we already have to walk through the medial detectors? Doesn’t matter. Your bags go through a second x-ray machine and you get a pat down for the second time. Plus another passport check. Not done yet, as you step foot on the airplane, yet, another passport check. Can you imagine the long lines to get through this in the gate?

This was absolutely ridiculous how many passport checks the staff of EgyptAir conducts and the lines show just how slow and inefficient this process is. Our flight out of Egypt was already delayed by an hour, then it took over 90 minutes to go through this awful process. Our flight didn’t take off, til 3 hours after the scheduled time.

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